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Who's Next?
Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion Tournament 2015!
Combo Breaker 2015 Mortal Kombat X Event Preview
05/21/2015 01:49 PM :: Posted at 01:49 PM EST by Mick-Lucifer

From the ashes of Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament rises Chicago's newest May major: Combo Breaker 2015!
The action all goes down May 22-24 Thanks to Warner Brothers & NetherRealm Studios the stakes will be as high as ever as they chip in an impressive $10,000 pot bonus on top of the standard tournament prize pool! Top 8 finalists will duke it out for a slice of the purse and with a field bulging well in excess of 200 players - the competition is sure to be fierce!

Chicago is Mortal Kombat X home turf and will field a massive group, including some of North America's best players! Dominant young gun Sonic Fox will be the boss to beat, with his Erron Black thoroughly conquering the competition in the weekly ESL Pro League!

Coming to challenge the title will be some old favourites and legendary champions! Official reigning Evo Mortal Kombat World Champion DJT may yet get a chance to topple his unofficial 2014 counterpart! Younger brother MIT enters as one of the next threats, with a Scorpion to watch out for! REO returns to kombat with whispers of a dangerous bowman's technique in his quiver. The first champion of the reboot era: Jwong will also return to Mortal Kombat, bringing with him the god-like tactics of a deadly Raiden! Wandering champion CD Jr also returns from his travels abroad, switching up styles from Jax to Scorpion - making him a true wildcard!

All players will be fighting under strict tournament guidelines, with special crackdown on glitch exploitation. Players selecting Kung Lao or Ermac will be subject to monitoring by a sanctioned event referee. Use of the Kitana corner infinite will also be subject to disqualification. DLC fighter Jason Voorhees will be legal.

Combo Breaker will feature double eliminations. Winners must keep their character and variation, losers will be allowed to switch. Top 8 finals will be fought Best of 5, with 3 rounds per match. Mortal Kombat X will be contested on PlayStation 4.

Got a favourite? Think you know who'll win? Register to share your thoughts and insight on the Gameplay & Matchmaking forum! Support the community by liking & sharing stories via @MK_Online & Facebook.

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